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Procedure for refinement and quality protection of quartz sand and quartz grit for industrial applications

To be able to guarentee high quality material for our customers intended purposes we dispence the gained rawmaterial using eloberate methods from certain and typical pollutions.

Production of rawmaterial

The first class rawmaterial coming from a deposit is delivered over a constant time period with the aid of specific means of transportations on different fractions. This material is not refindet but only to a very limited extend useful for industrial usage because it got polluded during its formation though foreign substances of different types, e.g. wood, loam, clay or coal. To optimize the quality of the rawmaterial for industrial application, we carry out to washing processes.

Washing process

To dispence quartz sand and grit from its pollutions, the initation into a washing wheel takes place in the first washing process. With that we achieve the seperation of fine grain and clay-material as well as all the human substances though the conflation of the materials with big amounds of water. Afterwards immediately after the washing wheel, all the remaining undesirable parts are flushed of though the supply of freshwater on a screening mashine. 


The therefore already high quality but still wet quartz material will now be lead into a rotary kiln for the drying. In the rotary kiln the drying takes place with hot air on an residual moisture content of less than 0,2%. This high dryness level is necessary in order to allow a high grain accuracy in the following screenings. 


At a final screening our special grain sices are produced. The grainsice classification takes place in three independently screening areas. 
The first screening creates the first grout of grain:

  • <1mm,
  • <3,15 mm und
  • >3,15 mm.


Only then the peticular screening of those groups of grain follow for the production of our individual qualities in separate, successively switched  screening mashines. Finishing our products get stockpiled in large storage silos.

All production-caused dusts get vacuumed, by means of wetfiltration plants cought disposed.

The eventual material result fullfills all dements of our customers endserves optimally for different fields of application.