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filter sand and filter grit

Filtering of foreign substances for water preparation

Quartz sand  is well suited as wintergrit. Because it is a nature product this spreading material as also alsolute environmentfriendly and shows a longsterm success against ice and packed snow. On sidewalls, streets, factory sites etc. whish guarantees an economical consumtion.

High purity

Our quartz sand and quartz grit is well snited for water preperation
for human use because of it is favourable grain shape as well as the high chemical mineralogical purity. With the help of filter sands and filter grits accoarding to DIN-EN 12904 the different foreign substances get removed out of the water.

Well building

We also offer quartz sand and quartz grit accoarding to DIN 4924, that is be used for will building.
The sand shows a roundet of edge, cubic form and is free from organic pollution.

delivery forms:

plastic sacks

25 kg

lose in the silo or dumper truck


ca. 10.000 kg

big bag 

max. 1.200 kg


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