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Building Materials


High quality aggregate

Trough varied refining- and treatment measures we take advanige of the good characteristics of the realted nature quartz sands to provide high quality aggregates for the constriction material industrie. Because of the favourable grain shape and the light colour of our quartz grit it is suitable for the production of high quality concrete material.

Area of application:

tile glue

fine quality plester

jointing material

struckture plester

floating screed


polymer concrete

repair mortars

dry mortar

filling material resin application

cementbond products

system application like e.g. flooring systems


steel refractory industrie



Individual mixtures 

All dry sands can also be ordered as hybrid varieties of a certain defined composition.

Locomotive sand in the rail transport 

We deliever locomotive sand for railway vehicles that is used for improvement of traction in rail transport. This locomotive sand corresponds to the railway standard BN918 224 of the Deutsche Bahn AG. Braking sands for trams and trains are applied directly onto the rail infront of the wheels giving them the additional grip needed to respond to braking and acceleration in slippery conditions.

Brick- and klinkerproduction

At the production of brick our sand is also used to improve the replacemant of the bricks after the burning process.

delivery forms:

plastic sacks

25 kg

lose in the silo or dumper truck


ca. 10.000 kg

big bag

max. 1.200 kg

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